IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective October 31st, 2018, OnTrack will be discontinued and will no longer be supported for existing customers. If you have
questions, please connect with your local territory rep or contact an eServices Specialist at the Patterson Technology Center at 800.294.8504

OnTrack stands apart

{Choose a Focus}

Your OnTrack experience begins by defining where you want to go. Next, OnTrack automatically builds the key indicators you must track to achieve success. Based on your practice data, OnTrack calculates meaningful goals and benchmarks individualized for you. [back to top]

{Executive Dashboard}

View your critical indicators on a single screen for a complete snapshot of where you are today. Click on an indicator to drill down to team and individual statistics or to learn how to effect change. See instantly how you compare to the national average or an elite group of high-performing practices. [back to top]

{Click to Consult}

Leveraging more than 25 years of proven practice consulting success, OnTrack provides immediate access to relevant advice and information. Just click on an indicator; OnTrack will retrieve the information you need to move the indicator in the direction you want to go. [back to top]

{Analyze My Practice}

OnTrack offers a practice analysis function that examines your data and returns a prioritized list of the indicators critical to your chosen focus. Additionally, you have access to enlightening gap analysis reports to identify potentially overlooked practice opportunities. [back to top]

{Focused Visit}

Designed to drive the critical behaviors of your team, Focused Visit displays a set of simple, yet vital yes-or-no questions to drive patient interaction — these questions reinforce your focus and goals. [back to top]

{Free, Easy Setup}

Gain instant access by simply signing up online. Answer a series of questions or choose a quick start option to begin. Rely on default settings or customize to fit your precise needs. [back to top]

{Software Bridge}

OnTrack has an integrated bridge functionality to import data seamlessly from popular practice management software, including Eaglesoft, Dentrix, SoftDent and Practiceworks. This automatic feature allows you to build meaningful business plans in moments by saving time and reducing the potential for data entry errors. [back to top]

{Real-time Remote Access}

Cloud-based web access allows you to connect to OnTrack from your computer, a tablet or any mobile device with a browser. Stay connected whether you are at the office, at home or on the road. [back to top]